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Healing Civilizations: The Search for Therapeutic Essential Oils and Nutrients


by Nadim A. Shaath, PhD.


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"This book is for students, researchers, product developers, beauty professionals and everyone with interest in health, culture, & humanity. This book is a Full Circle reminder that innovations must include cultural wisdom of our past".

--Peter Matravers PharmD, Senior Vice President Product Development, Chief Scientific Officer, Arbonne International


"With a foot firmly planted in modern science and medicine, Dr. Shaath rekindles the magic and mystery of ancient herbal medicine and botanical extracts. This book is a fascinating treatise on the history of the natural world as well as an up to date review and monographs of many of the most important (in terms of use) of a wide variety of botanical extracts as well as the methods of extraction.All augmented with terrific photographs of exotic locations, botanicals and processes. It begins with a historical perspective from Egypt and Greece and progresses through the various geographical as well as historical locations and events with both a scientific and spiritual passion for the world of natures bounties and lessons. This text is a must have for the amateur as well as the professional who will appreciate the historical as well as the science and current monographs".

--Felix Buccellato, President Custom Essence Inc.


"Nadim traveled virtually all the continents of the World in search of therapeutic essential oils. The stories you are about to read are full of adventures through history and geography, from ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and the Silk Road to the most sophisticated modern laboratory. This book is the result of more than four decades of his rich experience in the perfumery industry. 

This book casts a bright light on essential oils. You'll understand they are not just aromatic substances but much, much more. You will experience Nadim's avid pursuit of the marvel of essential oils, natural healing, and his passion for their use in combination with modern medicine. Please enjoy the reading".

--Koichi Shiozawa, Former Master Natural Perfumer at Aveda

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