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The Encyclopedia of Ultraviolet Filters

by Nadim A. Shaath, PhD.

The Encyclopedia of Ultraviolet Filters is an extensive reference of information on sunscreen products available around the world.


"Reference books such as this are valuable tools for formulating chemists.  The book is well  constructed, with a very good, comprehensive discussion of the chemistry and technology of UV filters.  The UV spectra are helpful, and having a quick reference to what countries each UV absorber is approved is very useful.  Combined with a good worldwide regulatory picture, these monographs will be valuable reference tools.  The Encyclopedia of Ultraviolet Filters will be the 'go to' reference book for sunscreen formulators for a long time."

--Timothy R. Kapsner, Senior Research Scientist, Aveda Corporation


"I find The Encyclopedia of Ultraviolet Filters to be very well written and an excellent compilation of the most valuable information.  I strongly recommend that every person involved in the formulation of sunscreen products worldwide have it handy!"

--Ken Klein, President, Cosmetech Laboratories, Inc.






Sunscreens: Development, Evaluation, and Regulatory Aspects

edited by Nicholas J. Lowe and Nadim A. Shaath

Over the last two decades, researchers have worked to formulate, evaluate, and market sunscreens that lessen skin damage-combatting problems such as skin aging and cancer.  Examining the existing means of protection from ultraviolet (UVA and UVB) rays, Sunscreens provides a comprehensive analysis of this important health safeguard.

Gathering research from dermatology, chemistry, the cosmetics industry, marketing, and regulatory agencies to provide a complete treatment of the subject, this timely volume discusses sun protection factor testing procedures from U.S., European, and Australian regulatory agencies...research and clinical aspects of UVA formulations with superior substantive qualities...tanning accelerators...solvents and other ingredients that affect sunscreen performance...PABA and benzophenone agents...the chemistry of sunscreens and techniques for the spectroscopic and chromatographic analysis of sunscreen products...and more.

Generously illustrated with over 300 drawings, tables, photographs, and micrographs, Sunscreens is a valuable reference for everyone involved in the formulation, testing, and use of sunscreening agents-including dermatologists; cosmetic pharmacologists; organic, cosmetic, and analytical chemists; toxicologists; cosmetic and sunscreen product manufacturers; drug regulatory personnel; and graduate and medical students.


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Sunscreens: Regulations and Commercial Development Third Edition

edited by Nadim A. Shaath

The increasing number of individuals affected by sun damage has inspired cosmetic chemists to research new vehicles for improved protection against UVA and UVB rays.  This volume collects the latest research and perspectives on sunscreen development, assessment, formulation, and quality control from leading authorities in academia, industry, and the regulatory and medical communities - describing the evolution, chemistry, evaluation and regulation of sunscreens in the 21st century for improved skin protection.


Offers a worldwide review of sunscreen regulations, including standards in Japan, Australia, the United States, and Europe. Revised and expanded to reflect the most recent advances and breakthroughs, this reference studies the role of organizations such as the FDA, the COLIPA, and the CTFA in the sunscreen industry...cosmetic formulations for water-proofing, SPF modulation, fragrancing, antiaging and children and teens....products containing ultraviolet filters for the beach, daily wear, recreation, and occupational hazard protection....analytical testing procedures for sunscreens including in vivo testing, UVA testing, and in vitro assays...and the emergence of antioxidants, botanicals, melanin and other cosmeceuticals in the suncare industry.

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